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Concrete Rose is a non-profit scholarship program that focus on kids and their families residing in low income/or high crime neighborhoods. Concrete Rose is a scholarship program; not a scholarship. It differs from traditional scholarships in the aspect that scholarships are earned not given. To earn a scholarship there are certain criteria that must be met. In order to clearly define those criteria Concrete Rose uses the Complete Citizen model. The Complete Citizen model is a concept to increases a person chance to become more productive in their community and more competitive in the work force. In order to achieve the desire outcome Concrete Rose focuses on three different areas: School, extra curriculum activities, and community/ community service. Parents as well as participants have a responsibility in the program. Kids are expected to perform well in school and participate in at a minimal of community service. During summer there will be workshops and classes to further enhance education. The programs that are held in the summer are to further increase their success in the work force. By doing this the participants will receive a dollar amount that will be applied to their scholarship. Parents/or legal guardian (s) are expected to be parents/or legal guardian(s). They must be active in their child's life by checking on them at school making sure they are being present, learning and making good grades. Also they will make sure their child is staying out of trouble and coming in at a decent time. On addition, parents are required to attend classes that will give them tools to help them succeed and will be required to also do community service. For their services parents/legal guardian(s) will receive a stipend (a fixed sum of money paid periodically for services or to defray expenses) to offset their expenses. The program ends when a child either graduate high school or enrolls in college or flunk out the program for various reasons.

Summer Curriculum:

1) Internship
2) Job shadowing
3) Workshops
4) Science Fair Project
5) Investment Classes
6) Fundraisers
7) Community Service
8) Career Day
9) Life Skills Curriculum

Important things to know:

1) No money is given to the participants. The money will be placed in a bank account but they are not allowed to access it. They will receive the money to be applied for college and college cost once enrolled
2) Participants can elect to take a percentage of the money if they have a scholarship worth more than they have accumulated. Or they have the option to use it towards a graduate school.
3) Money is not wasted. If a participant flunk out the program or elect to take a percentage of the money the balance of what is left will go back into the program to fund other participants.

End result:

1) Raise test scores in public schools
2) Lower crime rate
3) Help rebuild the community
4) Bring back the parent concept
5) Decrease government spending on crime, prison systems, community projects, welfare and several other areas
6) Government increase wages for city workers (teachers, fire fighters, and police
7) Increase competitiveness in the work force
8) Show people living in less than ideal places there is a way out.

*If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Concrete Rose. 

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